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Avoiding Slow Failure in Retirement Planning

Posted by Guest Author

May 30, 2018

Editor’s Note: This article was written for the WrapManager Wealth Management blog by guest author Justin Sibears, a Portfolio Manager at Newfound Research. More information about Justin and Newfound can be found at the bottom of the article.

Slow failure in investing happens when portfolio returns are insufficient to generate the growth needed to meet your objectives. No one event causes this type of failure. Rather, it slowly builds over time. Think death by a thousand papercuts or your home slowly being destroyed from the inside by termites.

Traditionally, this type of slow failure was probably the result of taking too little risk. Oversized allocations to cash, which as an asset class has barely kept up with inflation over the last 90 years, are particularly likely to be a culprit in this respect.

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Newfound Research Wins Award for Best ETF Strategist from ETF.com

May 3, 2017
Congratulations to Newfound Research for winning the 2016 award for Best ETF Strategist with their QuBe portfolios. Editor’s Note: WrapManager does not provide direct investment access to the QuBe portfolios. WrapManager provides investment access to several other Newfound products, including the Risk Managed Sector Series. After the announcement of the winners of the 2016 ETF.com awards WrapManager spoke with Newfound Research about their place in the rankings. Answers were provided by Justin Sibears the Portfolio Manager at Newfound. A frequent speaker on industry panels and contributor to ETF Trends, Justin holds a Master of Science in Computational Finance and a Master of Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University as a well as a BBA in Mathematics and Finance from the University of Notre Dame. [+] Read More

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August 13, 2014
Tactical money manager Newfound Research explains why portfolio drawdowns become more damaging as retirement nears and makes the case that baby boomers need a risk managed solution when it comes to investing. “When we think about retirement specifically, many people’s savings are extremely back-loaded. The years leading up to retirement tend to be when a person has the most earning potential and can put the most money to work in their investment portfolio. As a result, drawdowns that occur closer to retirement can be significantly more devastating than drawdowns that occur earlier in a person’s career.” Read Newfound's Full Commentary Here Get Free Research Reports on Newfound Research [+] Read More

Newfound Risk Managed Small-Cap Sectors: A Tactical Way to Invest

July 9, 2014
“Investors do not exist in a world of ‘100 year averages.’ Instead, they live in a world of 40 year investment horizons, where significant declines can “permanently impair retirement portfolios as investors do not necessarily have ‘more time’ to make up from large losses.” This is one of the core tenets that applies to many of money manager Newfound Research’s risk managed investment strategies. One such strategy, the Newfound Risk Managed Small Cap Sectors, is designed to protect and participate: “Participate in the strong growth profile of long-only, un-levered small-capitalization equity portfolio, while still protecting capital through rules that allow the portfolio to move to a 100% cash position in order to protect against large losses.” The intended benefits to you are two-fold: capture the returns of small-cap stocks over time, while having an active, tactical money manager strategy that can move to cash if it perceives increased downside risk. [+] Read More

Boosting Portfolio Income: Newfound Research Risk Managed Income

June 17, 2014
Many investors today are faced with the same problem: how do you generate income in your portfolio when interest rates are so low? In the current market, finding asset classes that generate income at significant enough levels can be difficult: Traditional Income Generators (Click chart for larger version) Source: Newfound Research LLC. Short-Term U.S. Treasuries represented by SHY. Short-Term Corporates represented by CSJ. MBS represented by MBB. Intermediate Term U.S. Treasuries represented by IEF. Total U.S. Bond Market represented by AGG. Long-Term U.S. Treasuries represented by TLT. Intermediate Term Corporates represented by LQD. High Yield Corporates represented by HYG. Yields computed using smoothed trailing 252-day dividends. Starting date for graph is April 2008 because that is first date yields could be computed for all of the ETFs used in the analysis. Newfound Research LLC, a Boston-based tactical money manager focused on risk management, recognizes this problem and has created a distinct solution: The Newfound Risk Managed Income Strategy. The overarching goal of the investment strategy is simple: increase portfolio income in a prudent manner, by investing in traditional equity, fixed income and alternative-income vehicles in a risk-managed framework. In a fully bearish environment, the portfolio has the ability to move entirely to cash. [+] Read More

WrapManager Adds Newfound Research LLC Investment Strategies to Their Approved List

May 15, 2014
Newfound’s Tactical, Risk-Managed Strategies Available to Help Investors Achieve Investment Goals San Francisco, CA – May 9, 2014. WrapManager, Inc. (www.wrapmanager.com), an investment advisor specializing in building investment plans and recommending money managers for investors, is pleased to announce that they now offer three risk-managed investment strategies from Newfound Research LLC (www.thinknewfound.com), a quantitative asset management firm focused on tactical, ETF managed portfolios. [+] Read More

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Tactical money manager strategies have caught the attention of many investors recently, given their ability to participate in rising markets while also seeking to limit capital losses when the market declines. Newfound Research LLC's Risk Managed Global Sectors is one such strategy, providing investors access to global equities through an embedded risk-management process. The Newfound Global Sectors Strategy offers the following: A tactical risk management approach - the strategy can move into 100% cash in an attempt to limit large losses1 Additional equity exposure for your portfolio, specifically geared towards global stocks Elimination of cognitive biases due to its rules-based nature1 [+] Read More