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How Your Wealth Manager Can Help You with Major Life Changes

Posted by Seton McAndrews | CFP®, Vice President Investments

November 22, 2017

Life changes come in many forms. Some are joyous occasions—marriage, the birth of a new child, a job promotion, sending a child to college, selling or starting a business, or one of our mainstays, retirement. 

Other times life changes are more challenging. These might include the passing of a family member, an unexpected illness, divorce, or sending a child to college. Yes, we purposely mentioned college twice! (While wonderful, we know college can be very expensive for parents and sometimes a heartbreaking transition).

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New eBook! Guide to Researching Money Managers

December 2, 2015
Money managers and the underlying investments can act as the fuel for your investment plan, propelling you toward your retirement goals and the future you’ve planned for yourself. Therefore, it’s important to choose your money manager carefully. There are some general rules of thumb that will help you to find the right strategy mix to help make your goals a reality. Finding a money manager can be time-consuming, however, and there are many other things you would rather be doing. Fortunately, financial advisors can serve two functions: they can create and monitor your investment plan, and they can also research money managers for you. Our new eBook, Guide to Researching Money Managers, will discuss the following topics that can help you better understand steps you can take when researching money managers: What's the Difference Between a Money Manager and a Financial Advisor? In short, money managers manage and financial advisors advise. Financial advisors understand individuals’ financial situations and create unique investment plans while money managers spend their time managing portfolio strategies. This section will go into more detail about the differences. [+] Read More

Feel Better About Retirement: A Certified Financial Planner Can Help

July 8, 2014
When you look for a doctor to provide care for you and your family, what qualities do you look for? Most answers are probably the same: you want someone who has a good deal of experience, who is well-educated, and who is constantly devoted to learning more about their field of expertise. Having those qualities helps you trust the person providing you care. When it comes to hiring a financial advisor, we think the same qualities apply. Your financial advisor should be someone who is experienced, well-educated in financial planning, and devoted to their practice. Having these qualities can help increase confidence that your nest egg and your financial dreams are in good hands. [+] Read More