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JP Morgan Releases New Guide to the Markets for 3Q 2018

Posted by WrapManager's Investment Policy Committee

August 16, 2018

Reviewing the Guide to the Markets to Understand the Current Investment Environment

J.P. Morgan's Guide to the Markets for the third quarter of 2018 is now available for your review. Inside you'll find deeper insight into the current investment environment and what the investment team at JP Morgan is keeping an eye on right now. 

On page 19 you'll see two charts (Real GDP & Components of GDP) that show how the economic expansion is continuing at a slow but steady pace. On page 25 you'll see a chart that displays how unemployment continues to fall, which JP Morgan believes should drive up wages. And on page 7 you'll see three charts that show how although earnings headwinds should be behind us, future growth may be muted. 

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JP Morgan JP Morgan Guide to Markets Money Manager Commentary

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JP Morgan Assesses Future Asset Allocation

October 5, 2017
Given our positive view on growth, we maintain a pro-risk tilt in our asset allocation. As the U.S. economy moves into late cycle, we are naturally more attuned to any dip in higher frequency data, but currently we see little risk of recession in the next 12 months. As a result, we remain overweight (OW) stock-bond and underweight (UW) duration—albeit with slightly lower conviction in light of the failure of inflation expectations to advance alongside other macro data. Correlation across regional indices remains low, favoring broad diversification across global equity markets. But at the margin our most favored regions remain the eurozone and Japan, ahead of the U.S. and emerging markets, with the UK our least preferred region. In bond markets we expect yields to grind higher over the fourth quarter and see U.S. Treasuries outperforming most other sovereign markets, in particular German Bunds, which look vulnerable given the robust level of eurozone growth. Elsewhere we remain neutral on credit, real estate and commodities, and UW cash. In a distinctly mature credit cycle, returns from credit will come from carry rather than capital appreciation; nevertheless, we expect credit to outperform government bonds even if it lags stocks. Overall, we take a pro-risk stance in our portfolios but are mindful that with the economic cycle maturing, liquidity and diversification are paramount. Read the entire market commentary here. [+] Read More