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Introducing the MILES Bond Portfolio

Posted by WrapManager's Investment Policy Committee

June 5, 2018

Investing on your own in fixed income markets can be extremely challenging. Unlike the stock market where equities trade thousands of times throughout the day on a public exchange, the bond market is notoriously difficult to navigate because trades are not placed on an exchange, they are instead placed over the counter and even the most liquid bonds available may only change hands a few times per day. Even if an investor is able gain a grasp on the fair value of a particular bond, building out a diversified portfolio of bonds is an entirely different challenge given that the minimum investment for one particular bond could be $10,000 (or more). And even if you think you’ve found the perfect bonds for you it can be challenging and time consuming to find sellers willing to sell those bonds to you at your preferred price.

Investing in Fixed Income via Mutual Funds and ETFs

Investing in fixed income through a mutual fund or traditional ETF solves many of these problems. Rather than purchasing an individual bond, a mutual fund or ETF buyer is purchasing a basket of bonds. By making one purchase they gain exposure to hundreds or even thousands of bonds.

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Wrapmanager MILES Bond Portfolio bond investing

Common Financial Credentials: What is a CFP, CWS, and CFA?

May 2, 2017
Once you’ve realized that hiring a financial advisor is worth it, the next step is choosing the right one for you. When you began your search you may have noticed that there is a wide variety of different acronyms that come after their name. For investors of all types, the alphabet soup of financial credentials can be confusing, especially if you’re searching for a wealth manager or financial advisor with a particular skill set. Read on to learn about the difference between a Certified Financial Planner®, a Certified Wealth Strategist®, and a Chartered Financial Analyst®. [+] Read More

Katie’s LINC Presentation and the Time She Flew

February 17, 2017
If you’ve ever called WrapManager and been welcomed with a crisp British accent, you’ve had the good fortune to speak with Katie O’Connor, Director of Client Services, over the phone. In her role, Katie works to ensure that our team is utilizing the best technology available today. By combining this technology with a white glove client experience, Katie has helped our customer service approach one to be admired and shared within the industry. As she says, “[because we use] the best technology to deliver a white glove customer service, advisors from around the country want to learn from our experience. And that’s why TD Ameritrade invited me to participate on a panel at their annual National LINC conference [which is for financial advisors] in San Diego this year.” The panel discussion “Leverage Workflows in Your CRM” focused on how financial advisors who use best practices in their customer relationship management (CRM) tool can provide better service to their clients. After the panel, we sat down with Katie to hear more about why this topic and this conference, should matter to WrapManager clients. [+] Read More

Transfer-on-Death Designations: Understanding the Pros and Cons

November 16, 2012
“Transfer-on-death (TOD) designations provide a simple, direct process for transferring assets to named beneficiaries, bypassing the probate process. While this simplicity is attractive, it can also have drawbacks. That’s why it’s important to understand both the pros and cons.” Download the Report Here [+] Read More

Current and Upcoming Obama Care Taxes

August 22, 2012
The on-going debate around President Obama’s health care plan will surely continue for some time as it is slowly implemented over several years. And with this implementation come a number of taxes that are scheduled begin at certain points down the road. We thought we’d share an info-graphic that displays these taxes, when they are scheduled to kick in and how much expected revenue will be generated for each one. Click here to see this comprehensive chart. Be sure to check out our August newsletter “2013 Tax Changes - Actions to Consider” where we review several questions to consider given the upcoming potential tax changes in 2013. You can also speak with one of our Wealth Strategists now at (800) 541-7774 to discuss your portfolio and review your holdings. Source: Joint Committee on Taxation and the Congressional Budget Office [+] Read More

Understanding Beneficiary Designations: 10 Things Everyone Should Know

June 6, 2012
Most of us think of our estate plan as our will or living trust. However, in many cases, those documents have no effect on some of your most important assets. Instead, your beneficiary designations control who will receive those assets. Always keep these important considerations in mind regarding your beneficiary designations. Download Full Commmentary Here [+] Read More

SEC Unveils the Aberrational Performance Inquiry for Hedge Funds

December 23, 2011
A recent compliance alert from ACA Compliance Group describes the SEC's initiative to combat fraud in hedge funds, known as the Aberrational Performance Inquiry. The program "aims to identify "abnormal" fund performance, that is, fund performance that is inconsistent with fund strategies and/or benchmarks." In an attempt to "thwart various illegal practices," the SEC "will pay particular attention to returns consistently greater than three percent of their respective market index." Source: ACA Compliance Group Download Full Commmentary Here [+] Read More

Dangers of Chasing Past Performance

May 13, 2011
Don’t Make This Mistake! Don’t make the same mistake so many investors do by focusing too much on recent past performance. This short-term thinking can derail long-term financial plans and we believe it’s one of the worst mistakes an investor can make. This timely report focuses on: • How to avoid the dangers of chasing past performance • Evaluating money managers against specific market environments • It’s crucial to invest in managers that do well during expected future market environments We’ll illustrate these topics using Churchill Management Group’s Premier Wealth Strategy as an example. Click Here to Request the Report WrapManager has no affiliation with Churchill Management Group [+] Read More