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Eagle's Skeppstrom on Greece and China's Woes

Posted by WrapManager's Investment Policy Committee

August 19, 2015

Eagle Asset Management's Richard Skeppstrom provides his colorful perspective on the recent market events including Greece, China and his candid friends.


“Confused situation, imperfect advice

One of my closest friends reached out to me on Father’s Day to say he thinks I am a better father than stock-picker. I was touched. And then more recently, another very dear friend said he enjoyed my writing but wished I’d say something. Lovely friends. Most folks just don’t care enough to give you such thinly veiled criticisms. 

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Economic/Market Outlook Eagle Asset Management

Eagle Asset Management - Interest Rates and Your Retirement Plan

July 9, 2015
Eagle Asset Management's Richard Skeppstrom provides his market perspective for July. "Prudence is restraining growth? Second-quarter domestic economic growth  has not bounced as much as expected. That’s  curious because the weather has improved  and the collapse in the price of oil put money  in folks’ pockets. I’ve read in a few different  places that we are saving the money that  we would have spent on fuel. Saving? Like,  not spending? Frankly, I’d dismissed the  whole notion as absurd. Americans spend.  However, that was until I saw a brief note  describing Larry Fink’s theory on the matter.  He’s the maestro of BlackRock and I pay  attention when he speaks (he manages a few trillion dollars more than me). Mr. Fink  believes very low interest rates are forcing  people to save more for retirement. That’s  entirely logical but hard to embrace since we  (a large swath of the adult population) have  ignored the economic realities of retirement  for as long as I can remember.   [+] Read More