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Understanding How the U.S. Taxes Foreign Dividend Payments: Doug’s Quiz Corner

Posted by Doug Hutchinson | CFA®, Director of Research and Trading

April 13, 2018

How Do Tax Credits and Tax Deductions Work for Foreign Dividend Payments?

Your friend Emily made an investment in the stock of a company that is based outside of the U.S. This investment was made in her taxable individual account. She received $100 in dividends for this stock (net of foreign tax withholding) last year. She had no other investments in companies outside the U.S.

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Pros and Cons of Dividend Investment Strategies

December 13, 2017
Should an investor consider owning dividend stocks? If so, why? And when? In this piece, we delve into the realm of dividend stock strategies. We’ll look at why dividend stock strategies are important, how they can fit into a broader investment strategy, and why investors may want to consider them now. What is a Dividend Investment Strategy? Let’s start with the basics. Generally speaking, a dividend investment strategy is an investment strategy tailored to invest in dividend-paying companies. Asset managers who specialize in owning dividend-paying stocks often have different criteria for the types of companies they want to own. For example, some managers may want to own companies that pay a healthy size dividend, while others may care more about the company having a history of increasing their dividend payments over time. Or, perhaps the manager is looking for companies with a long history of consistent dividend payments versus companies that only recently started paying dividends to shareholders. [+] Read More

Lord Abbett: Investing in Dividend Payers and Growers

December 26, 2016
We continue to believe investors will be well-served to focus on dividend growth. As bond yields begin to compete with equities, we recommend an ecumenical approach to equity income and growth in dividends. One of the major impediments to using stocks for yield has been the earnings recession over the last five quarters. The continuation of that trend would have undermined the stability of the dividend payout. The market, however, has now withstood the effects of a stronger dollar on multinational earnings and withstood the energy sector’s adjustment to oil at $50 per barrel. And the S&P 500 is finally growing earnings again, year over year. Read on for a summary of their analysis, or view the entire document here. [+] Read More

Dividend Growth As Part of Your Tax Planning Strategy

February 25, 2015
Income-yielding investments can be an integral part of your retirement lifestyle planning. Incorporating dividend growth investments into your retirement plan doesn’t have to be difficult. When choosing investments that will provide a steady stream of income, look beyond just fixed-income securities like bonds, CDs, and money market funds. Stocks, too, can be an important source of investment income. [+] Read More

Economy Poised for Growth, Equities Higher – Federated Investors

September 24, 2014
Dividend money manager Federated Investors’ commentary discusses why they believe the economy is poised to grow even further this year, driving equities to new highs. “2014 hardly could have started worse, with a brutal and seemingly never-ending winter bringing activity to a halt and keeping shoppers at home in much of the country. The final first-quarter estimate told the story, with real gross domestic product (GDP) contracting a much worse-than-expected 2.1%. But there’s a reason the equity market shook off the number. It was, after all, so yesterday. What today and the rest of the year look like are much different, as manufacturing and jobs appear to be accelerating, auto and retail sales are on the upswing and even housing is showing some signs of pulling out of its funk. The government’s estimate of second-quarter growth was a well-above-consensus 4.2%, in line with our view that the economy is settling onto a higher growth plane that will drive equities to new highs this year and into 2015.” Download Federated's Full Commentary Here Get Free Research Reports on Federated Investors [+] Read More

4 Dividend Money Manager Strategies to Consider

March 19, 2014
The uncertainty surrounding the current interest rate environment has many investors rethinking their retirement income strategy. Some are considering dividend income as a way to generate additional cash for their income needs. Below are four dividend money manager strategies that invest in dividend paying stocks as a means to provide income for portfolios, while also offering the potential for equity-like returns over time. As always, we encourage investors to discuss these dividend money managers with your financial advisor before investing. (WrapManager is not affiliated with the money managers listed and has not approved for use nor entered into contracts with all of the managers. This is for informational and comparison purposes only.) [+] Read More