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Robo Advisors vs. Traditional Advisors: Should the Differences Matter to You?

Posted by Gabriel Burczyk | Founder & CEO

January 17, 2017

Over the past few years, there’s been a technology-related buzz in the financial industry, but it’s not about the latest ‘app’ from Silicon Valley or about Snapchat’s IPO. It’s about a fairly new approach to managing money through “robo-advisors.” These “advisors” are essentially online programs that use computer algorithms – instead of real investment managers and human advice – to make portfolio allocations over time.

It sounds futuristic and perhaps promising, but there’s a problem. Robo-advisors generally only perform one function: allocating a portfolio. That may be fine for a new or novice investor that does not have complex financial needs – someone who may only be looking for a diversified portfolio in a cookie cutter format (conservative, aggressive, or somewhere in between). 

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