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Let's Assemble! Join us in supporting Mill Valley and Marin County non-profits, woman-owned businesses, environmental impact, and cultural groups. Together, let's inspire and empower the community through events, volunteering, and awareness campaigns.


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Let's Assemble!

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Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival
67th Annual Event
September 14-15, 2024

The 67th Annual Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival will be September 14th-15th. The MVFAF Board and their committee each meet once a month at Assembly.

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Previous Gatherings

Explore our past events to see how we shaped our community together. From educational seminars to lively meet-ups, these moments have brought us together, fostering connections and enriching our collective experience.


2023 Event Highlights


Female Founders Stories was a remarkable event celebrating women in business. It showcased influential female founders and their entrepreneurial journeys, offering inspiring tales of resilience, innovation, and the realities of business creation. With an impressive lineup of speakers, the event served as a platform for empowerment and networking.

Female Founder Stories Event

2023 Event Highlight

Allies in conversation

Lily Kanter hosted a panel discussion on anti-Semitism. The event united investors, entrepreneurs, community builders, VCs, tech experts, and professors. Noteworthy attendees included Tiffany Shlain, Emmy-nominated filmmaker and founder of the Webby Awards.

Allies In Conversation Event

2023 Event Highlight

The Hivery

The Hivery is a vibrant membership community led by women, fostering a dynamic network of entrepreneurs, writers, and creatives. Our mission is to provide mentorship, training, resources, connections, and the invaluable support needed to create a meaningful business and life.

The Hivery Event

2023 Event Highlight

EMV After Hours

The Mill Valley Music Festival was preceded by the exclusive EMV After Hours event, affectionately known as 'GabeFest.' This special evening, hosted by Gabe Burczyk, showcased vendors, food, and music, intensifying the excitement for the much-awaited Mill Valley Music Festival.

EMV After Hours before Mill Valley Music Festival: GabeFest!

2023 Event Highlight

Kids Cooking for life (KCL)

KCL celebrated its 15th anniversary by honoring its incredible supporters. KCL offers nutrition and cooking classes in seven Bay Area counties, positively impacting over 1,000 at-risk children each year. The celebration included junior chefs showcasing their culinary skills and an inspiring keynote speaker, creating a joyful and memorable evening.

Kids Cooking for Life 15th Anniversary

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