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Empowering Our Community Beyond Wealth Management

Championing Local Businesses

We support local businesses by collaborating with artisans and promoting community-based retail and services. Together, we drive economic growth and celebrate our community's unique character and entrepreneurial spirit. Join us in fostering a vibrant ecosystem where businesses and individuals flourish.

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Supporting Charitable Causes

Join us in our mission to support non-profits, including environmental and cultural groups, through events, volunteering, and awareness campaigns. Our goal is to inspire and empower others in the community to join us in these meaningful endeavors.

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Celebrating Cultural Richness

Assembly Wealth actively supports local arts and cultural events, like the Mill Valley Music Festival, art exhibitions, and theater productions. Our involvement highlights our commitment to celebrating and engaging with our community's diverse cultural heritage.

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Assembly Wealth's Event Space

Our space brings together the Mill Valley and Marin County communities for growth and giving. Our office serves as a hub for local initiatives and philanthropy, hosting events and gatherings to support local initiatives.


Our Commitment to The Environment

At Assembly, we believe in a commitment to environmentally and socially responsible business practices. As proud members of the Mill Valley and Marin communities, we chose to make the switch to using MCE’s Deep Green 100% renewable energy in June of 2021 to further this commitment.

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Upcoming Events

Together, we're creating unforgettable experiences that foster deep connections. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming community events.

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Female Founder Stories

2023 Event Highlights

Female Founders Stories was a remarkable event celebrating women in business. It showcased influential female founders and their entrepreneurial journeys, offering inspiring tales of resilience, innovation, and the realities of business creation. With an impressive lineup of speakers, the event served as a platform for empowerment and networking.

Female Founder Stories Event

Allies in Conversation

2023 Event Highlight

Lily Kanter hosted a panel discussion on anti-Semitism. The event united investors, entrepreneurs, community builders, VCs, tech experts, and professors. Noteworthy attendees included Tiffany Shlain, Emmy-nominated filmmaker and founder of the Webby Awards.

Lily Kanter Hosts Allies In Conversation