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New Name, Same Trusted Advisors: Hello, Assembly Wealth

Posted by Valerie De Vol | President
April 16, 2024

WrapManager rebrands to Assembly Wealth

We have some big news! WrapManager is getting a fresh new look and a heartfelt new name – introducing Assembly Wealth

You’ll experience the same trust and dedication you've always known with WrapManager, now with an even deeper commitment to crafting your financial future together.

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, rest assured that every step forward is designed with your financial well-being and peace of mind at its core.

We’re Excited to Be On This New Journey With You!

Introducing Assembly Wealth, your trusted partner in financial planning! We're excited to share our new identity, which reflects our commitment to helping you thoughtfully assemble your financial future. We aim to align your wealth with your life's goals, passions, and dreams. 

What's the Reason Behind the Change?

We're super excited to embark on this transformation as it allows us to embrace our holistic approach to wealth management fully. 'Assembly Wealth' truly captures our dedication to seamlessly integrate every aspect of your financial life, working hand in hand to achieve your personal goals. Don't worry; this rebranding doesn't alter the core of our services; it just amplifies our ability to deliver personalized financial solutions.

Continuity and Improvement in Services

Rest assured, the team you've come to trust remains unchanged. Your existing relationships with our advisors, the quality of service, and our commitment to your financial success continue as strong as ever. What's more, under Assembly Wealth, we're bringing even more value to your financial journey.

What's in a Name? 

We chose 'Assembly Wealth' to symbolize the collaborative and integrated approach we take in managing your wealth. Just like assembling, we build together various aspects of your financial life to create a complete, harmonious picture. This approach not only aligns with your goals, passions, and dreams but also guides you towards a 'wealth of life' – where prosperity goes beyond finances to encompass the richness of experiences and fulfillment.

No Changes in Fees or Service Structure

Rest assured, there will be no changes to our fee structure or how our services are delivered. Your financial plans remain on course, uninterrupted and as robust as ever.

Timeline and Updates

The transition to Assembly Wealth will be seamless. Over the next few weeks, you'll notice updates to our branding and documentation, all reflecting our new identity.

We Are Genuinely Inspired by Your Success!

Whether it's reaching early retirement, building your dream home, or making a positive impact in your community through philanthropy and strategic financial planning, your success is what drives us. 

We're Here to Answer Your Questions

We understand changes can bring questions. We’re here to answer them. Feel free to reach out via hello@letsassemble.com or (415) 541-7774 for any clarifications or further information.